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About Me

Hi! I'm Christina

Hi there! My name is Christina Koenig and I am a Christian, mother, passionate runner, vegan, born and raised Texas girl, Liberty University Alumni, independent Mary Kay consultant, beauty queen, and wannabe chef ; ). My priorities are God first, family second, and my passions third. I hope to share with you about my passion towards health and fitness, a vegan lifestyle, God, natural and cruelty free beauty products, and green living. I also will post recipes from time to time because I absolutely LOVE how food could truly not only be such an enjoyable part of our life, but can be healing as well to our bodies. I'm currently in graduate school studying for my Master of Science in Exercise Science & Nutrition, with hopes of someday becoming a registered sports dietician.  I also do beauty pageants and was recently crowned as Ms. US Continental 2018 and hope to share with others my two platforms. My first platform is about advocating for the homeless and helping to give them a voice. My second platform is all about advocating about the importance of instilling healthy habits into our lives. I hope you enjoy my journey!


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